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Cote d'Ivoire's first free health advice chat service on messenger platforms

ALLO SANTE is a pioneering 100% free doctor chat service on messenger platforms (facebook, whatsapp) that offers health advice online and aim to prevent late hospital presentations. The service enlists certified state-level doctors who provide answers in 48 hours on average to health-related questions anyone can ask. Those free medical chats provide answers to questions where one wouldn't go to meet and ask a doctor at over-frequented hospitals in developing countries and askers do receive referrals to low-cost hospitals as needed.

Launched in partnership with the social enterprise "DIRECT IMPACT PARTNERS" in Cote d'Ivoire, the service is delivering thousands of medical chats since its inception.


Digital screens in waiting rooms accross Africa

Health content shown on digital screens can significantly boost health literacy and increase information absorption by patients in both rural and urban health facilities. We aim to build a health education network tailored to local realities for medical centre waiting rooms starting with a pilot country to be announced soon.


A whatsapp-based healthcare pocket companion for women

ALLO WOMEN - ALLO MOMS wants to be a digital pocket companion aim at boosting preventative care among women.Leveraging WhatsApp where 84% of African internet users are connected, it aims to providing free health counseling and granting access to a diverse selection of benefits and discounts linked to healthcare.


Low cost, digitally-run women-focused hospitals

IYA meaning "mother" in the Youruba language wants to set up a model hospital of a digital client facing experience for women's health.


Locally-made portable washing machines

WASH ON WHEELS mobilizes the local skills, guidance and local materials to transform plain barrels into hands-free, portable washing machines that support outdoor hygiene - proving to be especially useful during disease outbreaks. Features include a barrel with rolling wheels to enable an effective and easier transport, a basin, a soap dispenser, filling cap and water reservoir to refill and drain water, hands-free operation by stepping on a foot pump to provide a stream of water, flexible drainage hose allowing to direct waste away.


CrowdACTING to enforce social distancing

Floor marking represent a powerful way to enforce social distancing in spaces where people keep meeting amidst the coronavirus crisis.
We crowd mobilize volunteers and make available materials for marking so that no public or semipublic spaces are left out without floor markings.